VMAC RAPTAIR 60 CFM Diesel Engine Driven Air Compressor

If fuel savings is a priority for you or you have a standalone application, and you need a powerful source of air, VMAC manufactures a 60 CFM rotary screw Diesel Driven Air Compressor called RAPTAIR60.

  • Compact: VMAC engineered all components to fit into a package as small as possible.
  • Lightweight: Components are engineered and manufactured to be as lightweight as possible for mobile applications.
  • Powerful: Rated for up to 60 CFM and 150 PSI.
  • Air on demand: Produces as much air as your tool requires.
  • Safe and easy to operate: Push button controls.
  • Engine: Kubota 3 cyl (23.5 HP) diesel, tier 4 final compliant.
  • Self-contained: When ordered with optional 7 gallon fuel tank. Can also be ordered with option Electronic Fuel Priming Pump.
  • Digital Display Box: Displays system messages. Can be remote mounted. Act as an interface to make system adjustments.
  • Throttle Control: Idles up when air is used and idles down when air is not used. This reduces fuel costs.
  • System Unload: When you don’t use air, the system unloads. This reduces load compressor housing and on the engine, which extends component life.
  • Standby Mode: If you don’t use air for a couple of minutes, the compressor and engine will stop. When you need air again simply pull the trigger on your tool, or if the unit gets cold, or if the battery starts to drain, everything re-starts automatically.
  • (Optional) Cold Climate Protection: Prevents the air system from going into a “running” state until the system is properly warmed up. This protects the components and extends the life of the compressor. The Cold Climate Model is equipped with 110V AC Cold Climate heaters that are used to warm the engine and compressor in cold climates. A minimum 700w power inverter (optional accessory from VMAC) is required for heater usage or connected to AC power prior to starting. The Cold Climate Model is recommended if the ambient temperature regular drops below 14F.