If you have a vehicle equipped with hydraulics and you need a powerful source of air, VMAC manufactures two different rotary screw hydraulic driven above deck air compressor systems (40 CFM or 60 CFM).  These systems are ideal for lube trucks, tire service trucks and mechanics trucks but can be mounted on any vehicle with an adequate supply of hydraulic flow.  Both systems easily run a 1” Impact Wrench, air guns for blowing out radiators and other common mechanic’s tools. 

  • Compact: VMAC engineered all components to fit into a package as small as possible.
  • Lightweight: Most components are manufactured out of aluminum to make it as lightweight as possible.
  • Air on demand: Produces as much as your tool requires.
  • Safe and easy to operate: Push button controls.
  • Powerful: The PREDATAIR60 requires 21 GPM at 2,450 PSI to generate 60 CFM and 150 PSI. 
  • Powerful: The PREDATAIR60-HHP requires 18 GPM at 2,700 PSI to generate 60 CFM and 150 PSI. 
  • Powerful: The PREDATAIR40 requires 14 GPM at 2,345 PSI to generate 40 CFM and 150 PSI.
  • True CFM:  VMAC ASME flow tests our Air Systems so we know that they are capable of running full out with the air flow required.
  • Digital Display Box.  Displays system messages.  Can be remote mounted.  Acts as an interface to make system adjustments.
  • Cold Climate Protection: Prevents the air system from starting up until the hydraulic oil and compressor oil are properly warmed up.  This protects the components and extends the life of the compressor.
  • System Unload:  When you don’t use air, the system unloads.  This reduces load/heat in the hydraulic system, which extends system life and also reduces the noise from the compressor.
  • Standby Mode:  If you stop using air, the compressor will go to sleep.  You won’t even hear it.  Hydraulic oil will continue to flow through the integrated hydraulic/compressor oil cooler to keep it cool, but everything else will be off.  If you need air again, pull the trigger on your air tool and everything re-starts automatically.