VMAC Accessories

Mounting Brackets – The VMAC PREDATAIR can be mounted to any service body.  It is not recommended to mount the unit directly to the body without using the rubber insulators, as this will result in considerable vibration and noise during operation.  Mounting brackets are available from VMAC in pairs (VMAC part # A700140) to allow for an easier and more rigid installation.  The brackets also increase the air flow around the VMAC PREDATAIR.


Cold Climate Kit – If the VMAC PREDATAIR operates in cold climates [< -15oC (5oF)], VMAC recommends installing a Cold Climate Kit (VMAC part # A700146), a fully automated manifold heater block that warms the hydraulic oil quicker, so work at the jobsite can get started faster.  If the system operates in extreme cold climates [< -25oC (-13oF)], VMAC recommends installing a hydraulic reservoir tank heater – Thermex (www.thermex-systems.com) and Webasto (www.techwebasto.com) both offer such products.  It is also important to use hydraulic oil that is correctly rated for the operational temperature range of the equipment for that environment.


THERMINATOR Hydraulic Oil Cooler – The cooler built into the VMAC PREDATAIR cools the compressor oil and the hydraulic oil used by the compressor. Other hydraulic equipment in the circuit may require additional cooling.  To cool other hydraulic equipment, VMAC manufacturers the VMAC THERMINATOR (VMAC part # A850001) hydraulic oil cooler.  Capable of removing up to 33,750 BTU/HR from a lightweight package of 37LBS (dry), the 12-Volt activated VMAC THERMINATOR delivers in performance and design.  


Heavy Duty Air Filter – The VMAC PREDATAIR is equipped with a standard air filter which works well in regular operating conditions. A heavy duty air filter is recommended if the system is operated in an extremely dusty environment or is installed in a cabinet or enclosure, as this will improve performance by providing cooler ambient air.  Heavy duty air filters are available from VMAC (non-cyclonic, VMAC part # A700136; cyclonic, VMAC part # A700138).  


FRL – Though the VMAC PREDATAIR includes an electronic regulator, a complete Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL) is not included.  It is recommended that every air system includes at least a Regulator mounted before the air supply line. Filtered, regulated, and lubricated air helps prolong the life of pneumatic tools.  VMAC has available a ¾” FRL (VMAC part # A700151) that matches the specifications of the VMAC PREDATAIR.


ELIMINATOR Air AfterCooler – As with any compressor, unless a moisture removal system is put in the supply line, the resulting air supplied is at or near saturation. Some applications may be concerned with moisture in air lines. To best remove water from the air stream, a VMAC ELIMINATOR (VMAC part # A800070) may be required.  The VMAC ELIMINATOR works by cooling the air about 60° F – then through an automatic water dump valve it eliminates the condensate. It does all this with only a 1 PSI drop in pressure, since it is optimized for systems up to 70 CFM.


Air Receiver Tank – An air receiver tank is another option for removing excess moisture, accumulating and holding air pressure and for smoothing operation of the VMAC PREDATAIR.  VMAC has available a 6 Gallon, 10 Gallon and 35 Gallon Wing Tank.  The 6 Gallon comes complete with fittings and gauge. The 10 Gallon and 35 Gallon can be ordered with or without fittings and gauge.


THROTTLE COMMANDER Controls – To take advantage of the VMAC PREDATAIR Throttle Enable function, VMAC recommends installing an optional 2-speed Throttle Control.  VMAC manufactures multi-speed Throttle Controls for popular light duty trucks.  Check the VMAC Throttle Commander Application List for part #s.


Closed Center Manifold Kit – If the PREDATAIR is being installed on Closed Center Hydraulic Circuit with a Variable Displacement Pump, this Closed Center Manifold will be required.  This manifold automatically “dead-heads” hydraulic flow to PREDATAIR when the compressor goes into ‘standby’ mode.


24-Volt Convertor – If the PREDATAIR is being installed on a machine that only has a 24-volt power supply, VMAC has available an optional 24-volt convertor that will convert the power to 12-volts so that it will operate the PREDATAIR.