VMAC RAPTAIR-MF Air Compressor

VMAC RAPTAIR-MF Diesel Engine Driven Multi-Function Air Compressor Welder Generator PTO System is great ff space and weight are important to you. Fuel savings is a priority and you need to run multiple pieces of equipment, VMAC manufactures a multi-function system that is modular.  This means you can choose the best options for your application.  Options available are air compressor, welder/generator/battery charger/booster, PTO & Hydraulic Pump.  This means you don’t need to run the truck’s engine to run your crane, or your tools.

  • Engine:  Kubota 3 cyl (23.5 HP) diesel, tier 4 final compliant.
  • Air Compressor: Belt driven 45 CFM / 175 PSI Rotary Screw; air on demand; can easily run a 1” Impact Wrench and other common mechanic’s tools.
  • Generator: 10kw, 3 phase & 7kw, single phase.
  • Welder:  Max 300 Amps (adjustable).
  • Battery Booster/Jump Starter DC Power – 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V (selectable).
  • PTO & Hydraulic Pump:  20 HP Clutch Driven PTO, with SAE “A” Port with optional hydraulic pump rated for 5 GPM @ 3500 PSI, 8 GPM @ 3500 GPM, or 10 GPM @ 2800 PSI.
  • Control System:  You can operate any one application or all of them simultaneously without fear of the engine stalling; when running just the air compressor the RAPTAIR MF has a standby mode that turns the engine off and on automatically with air demand.  The engine also is equipped with a two-speed Throttle Control.
  • Remote System Controls (GenSet & Air System Controls & System Switches):  Can be mounted anywhere on the truck; displays system messages; adjusts system settings.
  • Fuel Supply Options:   Can be ordered with an optional 7 gallon fuel tank.  Can also be ordered with an optional Electronic Fuel Priming Pump.